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This is the Guided Meditation of the Letting Go method. I will walk you through the detailed steps of the process. Just relax and follow along.

Grab your headphones and your couch, close your door and lets go! :)

After your purchase this audio file will be available for download and also for listening to on the page.




"...I had to reach out to you to say Thank you! 

I have been listening to your 'Letting Go' meditation ... and I just wanted to express my gratitude for the way you express ancient timeless wisdoms in common speech. 

No dogmas.  No esoteric terminology.  Just simple, innocent everyday talk. 

I've listened to your meditation close to a dozen times by now, sometimes while sitting still, other times while going about my tasks, and it is helping with the de-distortion of many perceptions mired in places other than truth. 

It is definitely a powerful catalyst ...!  

I am happy to have added your meditation into my repertoire of meditations I generally do at this time! " 

"Wow, this is excellent! ...I'm so impressed with the results!"


"Shamya's Let Go - But How? ... is a game changer in the world of really, truly letting go of unhelpful patterns and emotions once and for all.


By following and practicing the steps outlined in LGBH, I was able to finally let go of an unhelpful pattern in a family relationship that had been plaguing me for many years. This first letting go process uncovered deeper layers of wounding underneath the pattern that I am now working on releasing as well.


In this short book, Shamya teaches us what emotions are, who we are in relation to our emotions, and gives a clear, concise, effective step-by-step program to move negative and stuck emotions out of our bodies for good. You no longer have to suffer through habitual modes of being based on trauma, fear or worry. Shamya's techniques work equally well for long-standing patterns and in-the-moment upsets. Her explanations of the techniques are simple, clear and straight to the point.


It is possible to finally let go of fear, worry, anxiety, and trauma for good, regardless of whether or not you know where these emotions originated from. It is possible to live from a centered, joyful, calm and peaceful place, even in our chaotic world. Shamya's book is the map to get you there."

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