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These are pre-recorded readings which you will receive upon completion. You will get an email with a link to the video.

You will pay at checkout for the first month. After that your account will be added to a subscription service which you can cancel anytime.



This monthly subscription consists of:

  • First week - a reading with unlimited questions - up to an hour
  • next 3 weeks - a 10-15 mintute weekly update readings
  • Topics of your choosing



Here is how:

After you have completed the checkout and payment,

you can either use the contact form on the home page or send me your questions via email to:



Monthly Subscription - 4 weekly Tarot readings - video recorded

  • Please let me know if:

    • this is urgent / if you are on a deadline and what that looks like
    • you do not need me to stick to the limit and are OK with paying for extra time spend on the reading (you can also include a budget/limit) I will send an invoice for the additional amount.
    • you would like anything that is not listed on this website (via email:
    • you have an emergency and are unable to pay for a reading at this time


  • All the other payment options will be available and visible during the checkout process.

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